The TED organisation is dedicated to spreading motivating ideas that can change the world. It was created far back in 1984 and initially dealt with the fields of technology, design and creating entertaining content, while, today, it is catering to the generations of 21st century essentially to inspire the formation of healthy attitudes, influence lifestyles, and therefore, catalyse positive changes in the society.


TEDEd is a separate segment offering video lectures based on talented young people who outline basic ideas about the fields they are studying. In the packed database of video lessons you can browse inspirational contents that were created through the cooperation of talented teachers and animators and chosen by TED platform with the aim of helping school institutions go through the process of digitalising the educating system.

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TEDEd lessons are divided into two groups. The first one contains original lessons created by this organization, while in the second one lessons can be created by any visitor of this website by adding questions, subjects for discussion and all elements that can be found in the available tools for editing of video content.

The platform lately got its new segment: TED-ed Club, through which it is encouraging and spreading positive ideas of pupils and students worldwide.

Try it now!

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