Knowledge of foreign languages in modern society is one of the most important competences and inevitable resources which enhance abilities when choosing a job, and  there is well known saying that you are worth the number of languages you know. Duolingo is one of the most popular platforms for studying foreign languages, with over 120 million users all around the world.


This service allows totally free learning of one of the 27 languages, or multiple languages available at once. This is the basic idea behind the designers of this platform: that the opportunity of mastering foreign languages would be equal for everyone. Duolingo is useful for beginners in the same way as it is to more advanced learners who only want to enhance already existing knowledge, by working on their own and constantly building their expertise. That way learning is customized and adapted to actual needs of every user.

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Duolingo is designed as a blend of technology and learning because you can access this platform from any device. You just need to create an account on the website or the app, and then choose language you want to study. All courses assume that the user knows English.

Studying on this platform is efficient and fun, because it has a game type concept which includes passing levels, maintaining motivation while learning. It starts with tasks on the basics of the foreign language, and then it gets harder. Once the level is mastered and enough points are acquired, the user goes to the next level. Duolingo offers a lot of final quizzes which you need to pass to get a certificate.It is also possible to connect with other users and to compare experiences and results acquired while learning.


Try it now!

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