Europe is based on a variety of  cultures and languages. Over 200 different languages and their dialects are rooted from the continent itself, while a lot of other languages that originated from other continents, were carried over and kept inside family circles.

Words connect people, they are bridges to other cultures. Learning foreign languages expands views, it changes perspectives from which we look at the world. It encourages better understanding and also respect of the cultures in which we are growing up and which we create. Lifelong learning and knowlegde of foreign languages, especially English, became an imperative for many jobs in modern society and , in great measure, are influencing  possibilities of education, employment and career development. Today’s modern businesses strives for connection, as spacious and language barriers are falling.

European day of languages is on 26th of September.  At that day, but also in the framework of the whole cl@ssifieds project, we are giving our contribution by raising attention on the uniquenesses of our languages. Translations of texts about education and employment in other languages, from countries which are taking part in this project, should connect young people on the beggining of their professional path and give them the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas and knowledges from their fields of interest, to conquer new horizons, be the citizens of the world and spread the cosmopolitan spirit.

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