Pleased to meet you

pleased to meet youCommunication is the key to interpersonal relationships, it is a part of human nature and it belongs to basic human needs. Everything we do in life includes communication, especially in our modern world which, through the digital revolution, is evolving to an era based on information sharing and establishing relationships. Apart from the personal point of view, the use of communication is a crucial prerequisite for both cooperation and success in the business environment. Teamwork and working on shared business tasks implies meeting and interpersonal presentation. Therefore one of the first activities in our project was a Padlet which helped students to introduce themselves to each other by using different online tools.

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After that, two sessions were held (Skype and eTwinning Live Event), with the aim to facilitate students included in the project to present their different activities to each other. This helped making new connections and better collaboration, as well as opening new possibilities for cooperative learning and experience exchange from the business field and also adopting knowledge about involved countries, their languages, cultures and lifestyles. The first online student meeting was organized via Skype between partners from Italy and Spain, while the second meeting was between partners from Serbia, Greece and Italy.


Both events were based on questions about personal characteristics, interests for different jobs, employment opportunities in their countries, as well as musical and scenic student introduction. For the end of this activity a Kahoot quiz was created, giving students an opportunity to test and improve their knowledge of the culture of the other countries involved.

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