According to a survey we conducted after the project,  we found that most of our students enjoyed the opportunity to interact with students from other countries, to improve their English language skills, and lastly they appreciated group work and cooperation, as well as getting to know Cultures and participants from other European countries.

posle prve recenice

The most interesting activities for them were communication in English, making the script and creating video materials representing their country, city and schools.

posle druge recenice

With regards to education and employment, 35.6% of them were ready for education and work abroad as a long-term solution, while 55.6% would choose that option for over a short interval.

posle trece race

77.8% of respondents said that participating in this project has given them confidence to seek work abroad.

posle cetvrte recenice

Throughout project activities students communicated  most  by using the Twinspace forum, then by Skype and WhatsApp.

posle pete recenice

88.9% of students would recommend their peers to participate in projects that are involve students from other European countries.

posle poslednje recenice

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