eTwinning is an online platform designed for developing projects, communication, collaboration, experience exchange and for making people feel like they belong to a big European community of teachers and students in which they take part.

This school year, 2016/2017, in a multinational environment, a project named CL@SSIFIEDS will be focused on the questions surrounding job searching and information from the participants’ home countries.

Students, along with their teachers, will have an opportunity to test and show their skills and abilities while working in multinational teams, divided in a way that allows each group to have a specific role in the real business environment of the 21st century. Google searchers, stat analyzers, journalists, translators, graphic designers, web designers, PR service and organizers will present results of their work at the end of May via blog, presentations and video materials made according to  their participation in this project.

CL@SSIFIEDSEN.WORDPRESS.COM is a BLOG made to contain different translations of texts from different languages in order to strengthen the communication between members of the eTwinning project.

The principe on which it works is the following:

  • One translator translates the text from his language to English and posts it.
  • Then, translators for the languages of other involved countries translate the text to their language.

The whole point is to make knowledge that the text might contain more accessible for all, regardless of their nationality, or the language they speak.